The results of the Belize Junior Achievement Test have been received at the Corozal Education Center but the information is yet to be analyzed. What we can tell you though is that the individual results for schools will also be sent to schools. The exam is taken by students in standard three and based on the results schools can individually place appropriate interventions to help improve students’ performance. Corozal District Education Center Manager, Jamore Lopez, says the education center can also use the information for similar efforts and collaborates with schools for such improvements.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-02_at_8.14.58_PMJahmore Lopez - Corozal Distirct Education Officer 

“If there were issues let say in mathematics we can then try to help that school community to see how they are able to improve whether it might be problem solving whether it might be comprehension, whether it might be calculation in terms of the four order of operations whatever it is we don’t tell schools what their problem it or how to solve it they need to tell us what they believe their problem is because we have moved away from this one size fits all we want that schools do their own assessments, their own evaluation and then they come to us and tell us we believe that this is our problem how are you be able to assist us in terms of technical support and then we work with those schools.”

We will bring you more on the BJAT performance for Corozal in the days ahead.

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