The new school year has officially started and just as students have prepared for it, so has the Corozal District Education Center. As part of new initiatives in that district, Education Center Manager, Jahmore Lopez, says that they have provided for a new school transport for secondary school students.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-02_at_8.14.58_PMJahmore Lopez – Corozal District Educaion Officer

“We have had to make some adjustments in terms of the departure time and I believe we will be able to settle on a time as the ministry there are certain decisions that we make and we recommend and things are not written in stone we have to work with our stakeholders and so I was told you what Mr. Lopez six o’clock I believe it is too early we need to make the adjustment and so we say let’s look at six thirty and so we how the time adjustments are working out and so by next week we are going to finalize those times to say the run leaving let say Patchakan is leaving this time and that is the specific time, the one leaving Caledonia or the one leaving Corozal, I know that the run that originates in Paraiso we recommended that the run starts at six thirty as opposed to six o’clock because I was told that that was too early and so we continue to provide that service, we are also looking at some other initiatives and we invite our stakeholders to come in and assist us because there are certain things that we might be able to see but there might be other issues that we are not seeing an our mantra is that education is everybody’s business and so we invite the community to share whatever concerns because we are all in the business of trying to improve education in this district and in this country.”


Lopez adds that the center will also be more actively providing support to the students with special needs in schools within the district.

Jahmore Lopez - district Education Officer

“I recently concluded a meeting with two of my officers and there are a number of students who are unable to go to school maybe because of their physical condition they are not mobile and they live very far and they have to go on a wheel chair and so they need transportation and that so that was brought to my attention so we are going to explore possibilities as well and to see how we are able to address that need, there is a saying that necessity is the mother of all invention and so when we are presented with a situation, I won’t call it a problem, then it’s about finding a solution so every situation that is presented to me is an opportunity for us to see how we can put heads together, put resources together and to see how we are able to come up with a solution.”

We will be taking another look at other significant changes that have begun to be implemented within the education sector with a particular look at the Corozal District in our subsequent newscast.

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