FicoBelize is tonight making headlines on the Slovak news media as Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and his wife are being accused of hiding more than $700 million worth of assets in Belize.

Fico has denied the accusation launched against him by Igor Matovič, chair of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, who said in mid-August that he received an anonymous letter stating that Fico and his wife had a letterbox company and a banking account with around $700 million in Belize. Fico rejected the claims, and with his wife at his side announced that he would file a criminal complaint against Matovič for slander.

According to Fico, he and his wife have never had any banking accounts in Belize, and do not hold any stake and do not have managerial control in any company registered in Belize.

The Financial Intelligence Unit informed the Slovak law enforcement authorities that Robert Fico and his wife do not have and have not had any personal or business accounts, or other financial products in financial institutions in Belize, and that they are not signatories of any accounts whose owners are legal entities in Belize.

According to the report, a thorough police investigation was carried out in cooperation with Belizean authorities but Igor Matovič, has stated that Belize is notorious for covering up internationally wanted criminals who place their illegally acquired money in accounts in the country and further stated that Fico’s paper from the Belizean authorities on his innocence is irrelevant.

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