noimageLast night we told you about the three Coast Guards who were detained at the Corozal Police Station for alleged extortion. Tonight those men have been charged for extortion. They are 25 year old Leslie Stains from Belize City, 32 year old Dubian Montero from Bullet Tree and 19 year old Rayliee Usher from Hattieville. All three individuals were charged in the presence of a Justice of the Peace and were offered bail of $1,000 each which they were unable.

As mentioned last night the officers were arrested after a sting operation took place in the Consejo area. The sting operation was enforced after Ricardo Rivero, a resident of Consejo Village in Corozal reported to police that he was bringing un-customed goods later known to be approximately ten cases of beer, from the Mexican side through the Chetumal/Corozal Bay when he was intercepted by the Coast Guards. The individual claimed that the officers demanded money from him in order to avoid being detained and his goods confiscated. So, he reported the matter to police and a sting operation was set in place. After the operation was carried out the Coast Guard were found in possession of an undisclosed amount of cash.

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