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The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has announced that the premiums on ten thousand tons of sugar sold under Fairtrade will go in its totality to the association. Chair of the Committee of Management, Ezekiel Cansino, said that they got the news last week during the visit of Liaison Officer Andrew Wright and Julia Clark, a representative of Tate and Lyle.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-08_at_7.56.39_PMEzekiel Cansino – Chair, COM

“La BSCFA va hacer el quien va a conseguir en totalidad lo que es el premio de las diez mil toneladas de azúcar de los que se vendió a Fair Trade y por parte de las otras Asociaciones nos informaron por el señor de que no habían sido certificados simplemente les habían dado un permiso para hacer trade entonces en eso quedamos de que BSCFA va a estar consiguiendo el premio de un millón punto dos que es el premio de las diez mil toneladas de azúcar vendida a Fair Trade.”


“Cuantas se va a recibir ese dinero?”

Ezekiel Cansino – Chair, COM

“El pago nos dijeron que lo van hacer en cuatro pagos, estamos esperando de que para el mes de Octubre va hacer el primero, en el mes de Febrero, mes de Marzo y en el mes de Junio.”

The news is a welcomed one for the association which has been battling financial constraints since it disbursed over six million dollars in premiums earlier this year. The monies, says BSCFA CEO Oscar Alonzo, will help the BSCFA to establish a plan and budget for the next fiscal year.

Oscar Alonzo

“One of our main concerns that we have expressed to Tate & Lyle is how can any organization including yours as a business plan its operations if they are not sure what resources they have in hand and one of the resources is that belongs to us is the Fair Trade premiums for sugars that are sold from sugar cane that our members produce so apparently that matter was also clarified by the Fair Trade Liaison officer indicating that they could not have any organization certified left in doubt as to when will they receive their premium so with that being clear now right it gives us now the opportunity to embark on a series of branch meetings that we normally have every year and we will be doing that in October.”

As mentioned, the first installment is scheduled to reach the association in October of this year.

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