btvViewers may recall that on August 19th, 2015 the Prime Minister held a Press Conference to inform the nation that a protest note was sent to the Guatemalan Government as it relates to the Belize Territorial Volunteers visit to Sarstoon Island and their encounter with the Guatemalan armed forces on August 16th. As you might already know, it was determined that on that day the Guatemalan Authorities entered Belizean waters as they tried to stop Belizeans from carrying out their trip to the Sarstoon Island.

Since then, several Belizeans have requested that the PM release to the nation, the contents of the said strong protest note. Today, the BTV kept the pressure going as they demanded for disclosure of that note to be released immediately.

The BTV release states that and we quote, “BTV has reasons to believe that the Government of Guatemala has responded to the Belizean Government and that on or around the 24th August, 2015, the Government of Belize received a response to their  so-called extremely strong protest note in which Guatemala strongly rejected the views expressed by the Government of Belize.  BTV understands that Guatemala further rejected Belize’s assertion that it was a mere unarmed group of civilians who visited the Sarstoon River and Island on August 16th, 2015 and scolded the Belize Government stating they acted irresponsible in not preventing BTV from encroaching on Guatemalan territory”, end quote.

The release ended stating that it is a “grave national issue which breaches Belizean sovereignty and calls on Prime Minister Barrow and Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington to provide the Belizean people full disclosure of that protest note and its ensuing response.

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