The movement of sugarcane farmers from one association to the other is still ongoing and involves all three associations. In a recent meeting however, all three groups have agreed to a cutoff date. BSCFA Committee of Management Chair Ezekiel Cansino says that date is right around the corner.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-08_at_7.56.39_PMEzekiel Cansino

“El viernes pusimos la fecha que va hacer que estemos aceptando traslados de caneros de Asociación a Asociación y esta decisión fue tomada el viernes pasado por las tres Asociaciones tuvimos una reunión y decidimos de que el viernes once de Septiembre va hacer el  date line para hacer estos traslados.”

So far the Progressive Sugar Cane Farmers Association reports to have received a little over twenty new applications. Reports are that a majority of the farmers who are moving are joining the Corozal Sugar Cane Farmers Association, while some farmers are retuning back to the BSCFA.

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