Screen_Shot_2015-09-09_at_6.53.58_PMForty six year old John Ross, a retired American National, who relocated to Belize some six years ago was found dead on his farm located on the outskirts of Xaibe Village in Corozal on Tuesday morning, by a group of men who wanted to buy some sheep.

Ross was found lying face up near a septic tank and was seen with multiple chop wounds to the neck, face and his right arm was missing. Investigations into the homicide led to the detention of three persons including Ross’ 23 year old son and his watchman.

But those individuals are no longer in police custody as they were released today because according to our sources, their story checked out. We do understand though, that police are looking for two other persons who are from the Xaibe area and can provide information into the death of Ross. One of the individuals we are told is no longer in the Corozal District.

As we told you last night, Ross lived on the farm where he raised chickens and sheep and sold them for a living. His wife recently returned to the US after a family dispute. We understand that Ross’ son lived with him but moved out after the dispute occurred and went to live with some friends in the area. So far police have been unable to recover the murder weapon or establish a motive for Ross’ homicide.

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