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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Screen_Shot_2015-09-09_at_6.54.22_PMThe N.H.I or the National Health Insurance commenced as a pilot project in 2001 with two broad functions being collecting the financial contribution and spending the resulting fund on health care. Since then Toledo, Belize and Corozal have been integrated within this N.H.I. system.

In February of this year, the Corozal polyclinic was inaugurated but the demand for medical assistance has grown so much since the establishment of the new Polyclinic that today a contract to finalize an extension to the Corozal Polyclinic was signed. Present at the signing were Minister of Health Pablo Marin and C.E.O Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Peter Allen.

Our reporter was unable to obtain an interview with Minister of Health Pablo Marin and CEO, Peter Allen because they both declined after learning that he works for CTV3 News. With Marin and Allen declining an interview we were unable to ask them about the non-functional Corozal Morgue, the rat infestation and the recent case of the new born baby who was bitten by a rat at the Western Regional Hospital, the cases of Chik-V in the Corozal District and the list goes on.

But going back to the extension of the polyclinic, our colleagues at Love F.M. managed to speak with CEO Peter Allen over the phone and here is what he told them.

Peter Allen - CEO Ministry of Health

“This is something that the Minister has been pushing forward in Corozal as part of the out of services purchased by the national health insurance of course we intent to roll out NHI to the rest of the north but the initial extensions to the Corozal clinic was very good but we have a vision for an open space  with a lot of lights and a place where people can come and feel much more comfortable about receiving their health care services and of course also focused on staying healthy and staying well we got out some tender some months ago and the winning contractor I Mr. Castillo from Belize City and he was with us today signing the first phase probably about half a million dollars for the extension to the primary care provider polyclinic in Corozal adjacent to the Hospital and the total cost of the extension will be a little less than a million dollars and will also include additional space to the conference rooms for breast feeding a small space for nursery and children’s play area and of course opportunity to provide promotion of health and education messages to our clients while they are waiting to be seen just taking the health care services to  another level in Corozal as an example that we tend to set around to the rest of the country with new poly clinics to be started next year in San Narciso at about a million dollars and then in Chunox at about another million dollars working along with colleagues and friends and the social investment fund (SIF).”

Acting Regional Manager, Guadalupe Longsworth, did speak to our reporter. According to her since the establishment of the Polyclinic under N.H.I, conditions for patients has improved and the services provided is for the benefit of the people.


Guadalupe Longsworth Acting Regional Manager.

“Under the NHR program we have improved everything so the clinic comes with additional staff, additional nurses, and additional doctors so the whole service has improved, we have extended our services and we have a better atmosphere better waiting areas, before if you remember we use to wait outside now you have a nice place inside with A/C cool and comfortable and so we have improved tremendously. Today we have the pleasure of formalizing the contract that will give us the opening of extension of the poly clinic, I think it is great for Corozal and we need to work together and if the public has any suggestions on how we can better serve then we are open to suggestions.”

The polyclinic extension will measure 2,200 square feet after its completion in six months. The contractor for this project is Leo Castillo. A suggestion box has also been incorporated at the facility.

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