Alberto_Beto_HallYesterday we told you about the severe beating received by 42 year old Mark Villanueva, a resident of Corozal Town. On Friday night Villanueva was sleeping at his camp located behind the Village of Chan Chen in Corozal in an area known as Santa Rosa when he was attacked and dragged to a nearby farm where he was nearly beaten to death.

Family members say Villanueva was able to identify his attacker but up to news time yesterday no charges had been levied upon the individual hence why we were unable to release his name.

But today we can tell you that Villanueva’s alleged attacker has been charged by Corozal Police. He is Alberto Hall, A.K.A Beto Hall, Villanueva’s former employer and cousin who was charged today with grievous harm. He was offered bail in the sum of $2,000 which he met and will be back in court on the 8th of December.

Peter Claude Serrano Inspector of Police

“So far no one have been charged and that matter is still pending, I applaud my investigators they are still out there on the ground and gathering whatever they can and I need to say that people out there within the village are cooperating with our investigators.”


“So the investigation is taking the right path and you expect that you will fine somebody?”

Peter Claude Serrano Inspector of Police

“We are hoping too,”


“How about the case with Mr. Villanueva”

Peter Claude Serrano Inspector of Police

“That incident itself it is an incident that we are looking at quite seriously, we are waiting for a statement to be recorded bear in mind that the victim is presently hospitalized, we want to get a proper statement from them before we can really conduct a further investigation.”

We understand that Hall told police that Villanueva stole a weed eater from him. But apparently, instead of filing a police report, he took matters in his own hands.

Villanueva’s family sustains that Hall was the person who tied their loved one, dragged him to the area where he was found and tortured him until he was unconscious.

Hall is not in the clear as he could get higher charges based on Villanueva’s statement after recovery.

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