There is no doubt that Belizeans at home and abroad look forward to the month of September when we celebrate our Independence. But while Belizeans take time out to celebrate the country’s sovereignty crime does not sit back and watch. Criminals are still on the loose and during the celebrations is when authorities need to heighten their patrols. To minimize criminal activity in Corozal over the festivities authorities in that municipality have set a number of strategies in place, especially when it comes to public drinking.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-15_at_8.26.56_PMPeter Claude Serrano Inspector of Police

“Well, ever since the September celebrations began we have step up out patrols, we talking about foot, mobile and we even have our motorcycle patrol morning and evening along with bicycle patrols we have been moving around, we have discouraged people from public drinking and we know that it is an offence and I want everyone out there that public drinking is an offence as is coming on to the highway we have been doing highway patrols, we have been doing quite a number of vehicle check point on the highway likewise.”


“You mentioned public drinking and it is something that it is ongoing, I notice people in front of Chinese shops, in front of restaurants just buying and drinking will this public drinking violation will it be implemented only during the September celebration or from now and until the end of the year?”

Peter Claude Serrano Inspector of Police

“It is something that we discourage throughout not only in times like this but we discourage public drinking like I mentioned earlier it is an offence and you go out to the Chinese establishment buy what you need to buy and take it home don’t stay in front of the Chinese establishment and drink otherwise you will be committing an offence and of course they will be charge.”

The newly formed Peoples Coalition, will also assist cops this year.

Peter Claude Serrano Inspector of Police

“We have been doing quite a number of things, we have been doing what I love and the people have welcomed us in their houses, we have recently formed a new people Coalition and they likewise have come on board and they have set certain things in place and very shortly you will be seeing both police and members f the People’ Coalition moving around the town because, the thing is that crime is everybody business and we want to keep crime at a down low within Corozal and I want to implore to the public that September celebration is a once a year event and I know everybody wants to have fun and I want them to have clean fun, I would also want to advice people living in some of the remote areas or back areas within town whenever they are living their homes secure their homes properly, if they know about a neighbor that is not or will not be partaking in any one of the event or will be at home talk to them and let them know that you what I will not be around if you see anything call me this is one thing I always believe communicate with your neighbors share numbers and by doing that crime will definitely could continue to be at its down low because then you know most of the day you have people leave their homes and no one know it is always good for any one leaving their homes to communicate with their neighbors.”

That incident itself it is an incident that we are looking at quite seriously, we are waiting for a statement to be recorded bear in mind that the victim is presently hospitalized, we want to get a proper statement from them before we can really conduct a further investigation.”

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