And for those anticipating the September 21st Independence Parade in Orange Walk Town, Mayor Kevin Bernard says this year, they are doing things a bit different. According to Mayor Bernard the council is incorporating marshalls, rope lines and added security to keep the public safe during the parade.

The Mayor says while the parade route will remain the same, residents raised the concern about utilizing Guadalupe Street which is yet to be paved. Those works for paving says Bernard, will be done after the 21st.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-15_at_8.26.48_PMKEVIN BERNARD – Mayor

“If we were going to pave it today or tomorrow there will still be fresh asphalt, fresh loose gravel on these areas and then this heavy truck that will be passing will be stopping going, stopping going, and it could have created some problem on the newly pave road so we have decided that immediately after the 21st let the parade pass and then we will be going in and pave the road and the route remains the same and I want to advice on lookers and I want to advice that there will be no vehicle to park on the parade route the police has offered the support that we will be roping off these areas and we do not want that the spectators do not pickle into the parade as well because we always know that there is a battle neck at different locations and these are the aras we are seeking to address so it remains the same and the official it starts at 1:30pm on Monday.”    

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