The road to independence as we learnt last night, started with the resistance of the Mayas in 1951 and it was an arduous one. This projection, established a foundation for an icon to achieve total Independence through what he calls a peaceful revolution.

This icon, named years after as a national hero, warrior of the Belizean people and country, was no other than George Cadle Price. Because of his constant determination to make Belize an Independent Nation the Right Honorable George Cadle Price is today considered to be one of the principal architects of the Belizean Independence.

It was Price’s ideology, integrity and philosophy that not only awarded him the recognition of a National Hero but also his title as Father of the Nation. Tomorrow, the 19th of September, Belizeans will remember the loss of a great hero, forefather and pioneer of a nation.

Carib’s Nation Television, Dr. David Hinds, uploaded on you tube an interview he did with Price on his 58th, birthday, where he proceeded to ask him if an opportunity would be granted to do things again, would he do it differently. This is what the Father of the Nation responded.

george-priceThe Right Honourable George Cadle Price, P.C. (15 January 1919 – 19 September 2011)

“I don’t think I won’t do anything different, many things were decided on prayer, the guidance of the holy spirit, we pray at our Cabinets’ meeting asking God’s guidance and we pray for our meetings and looking back at the years I can see the hands of God in many things, so it was not like if we had a blueprint and we are following it through because most blueprints in the first stages creates problems it doesn’t happen the way you think they are going to happen, you had to get the people to feel they are one people, before our time, before the movement started the Peaceful Constructive Belizean Revolution, the very words describing the districts was the out districts were out there, out, and there is where the riches, the resources are in the districts, so we had to make them feel they are no longer out in the districts, they were no longer according to the Maya, no longer the Caribe or the Garifuna we were one people and we had to find a word for those people and history gave us the word Belize, in uniting all the different ethnics groups we had to give them a name and they are the Belizean people but no longer the Coullie, no longer the Maya but the Belizean people.”

In the same interview, Honorable Price elaborated on how Independence was achieved. He mentioned the people of Belize and how united they are and how that same unity, based under the principle of respect for the laws of God, changed our lives.

The Right Honourable George Cadle Price, P.C. (15 January 1919 – 19 September 2011)

“I think we finally got most people to think as the Belizean people and that is why we got Independence.  I wanted to be free and to meet me when they want, there was always the risk but you take the risk, you have to be among the people, you feel like the people, you are one of the people.  I  think that above there is everything there is the law of God, there are the commandments that we must respect; it is wrong to kill, it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to lie or to make a false statement, is wrong to do any harm to any one and these principles are incorporated in the laws of Belize, they are there and we must be a country of law, we must first of all we must acknowledge our Constitution, acknowledge the Supremacy of God, that is the first thing and from that acknowledgment plot recognition sends all the things that fall, if there is a God and there is a God there must be right and wrong and we must do the right and avoid the wrong though to be the guiding principle, no body no mind is above the law we are all equal before the law and I believe it is that feeling of reality look to what is happening to the world today and what has happened in the past to dictators, they were there for a time but they could not, but as long as you keep your feet on the ground recognizes that first of all there is a God, the laws and the peoples have right and you serve the people other things will go well.”

Price effectively dominated Belizean politics from the early 1960s until his retirement as leader of the People’s United Party in 1996. In September 2000 he became the first person to receive Belize's highest honor, the Order of National Hero. He was awarded such an acknowledgement for the prominent role he played in leading his country to independence. In 1982, he was made a member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

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