The Ministry of Health will be inaugurating the operating theater at the Corozal Community Hospital tomorrow, Friday. Minister of Health Pablo Marin made the announcement today in a morning show hosted on his radio station UMUZIK. The Minister was in the company of Corozal Mayor Hilberto Campos. But as he made the announcement, he followed it with some rather disturbing news of things that are taking place at the hospital. We will share what the good news is but first, according to the Health Minister, some very expensive medical equipment was stolen from the hospital. He did not give much specifics but Minister Marin says that they are looking into the matter. Here is what he said.

pabloHonorable Pablo Marin – Area Representative Corozal Bay

“Although we had some misfortune in the hospital and I have to bring it up; you have people in the hospital doing mischief, they stole an equipment that cost I think over $20,000.00 nobody saw it but if anybody or any person know about this thing please here in Corozal, it is two brand new equipment to do the operations to cut and to fix the person whenever they do the operation it is two of them and they stole one of them and definitely the only person that can use it is somebody in the medical field to do an operation and this was somebody from the hospital did that and we don’t know who it was but if anybody have information please send it to the police because whose ever did this he is going to jail and I don’t care who it is and it is sad because we are working so hard for us to be able to open this operating theatre here in Corozal and this is what happened.”

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