The Ministry of Health has been receiving some very embarrassing and disgraceful media coverage after reports of rat infestation and bites took place at the Western Regional Hospital. Minister of Heath Pablo Marin has shied from the media but while on the morning show at his radio station in Corozal, he addressed the matter. Marin claims that he has done his part to mitigate the problem but says that the hospital’s leadership has been lax. Marin says that he has spoken to the hospital manager on dealing with the matter but that has not resulted in any success.

pabloHonorable Pablo Marin – Area Representative Corozal Bay

“It is all over the media with the rats and the snakes and people trying to blame the minister and having people on Facebook defending me and I need to give them thanks but I will tell you a little scenario of how things happen there; when the situation and this is how the system works and it is sometimes hard for us to deal with, this happened some months ago with the rats and we did ask the manager and the deputy to deal with it, I went again last week when I heard with the situation with the rat inside the incubator, I went in there and it looks near impossible for a rat to enter the incubator but let’s put the benefit of the doubt it went the place is clean to enter into the incubator it is very, very hard and if it did enter you will see bites where they should have entered or some maybe skin or hair from the rat nothing was found but it was in there so let say that happened but when I went there and I looked at the place and I asked the manager what have you done and she mentioned to me I have already paid an exterminator $3,000.00 to work at it and to fix it up and I told her can you show me what he did and I went with the technical from the ministry which is a Public Health Inspector from the ministry and she couldn’t show me any evidence of how that $3,000.00 was spent and the guy said you know what you may supposed to put a barrier with rat traps and doing things nothing like that has been done, this week when I went again we send her what we did she still hasn’t respond to us yet on what they are doing.”

Minister Marin further claims he has taken measures to address the hospital’s personnel’s incompetence but says that the system makes it difficult to remove these people.

Honorable Pablo Marin – Area Representative Corozal Bay

“We send the letters to Public Service to deal with those people but then Mayor and Lorenzo you that that is hard because when you take those people into that area it is like court and most of the time they defend them and what is sad about it is that when you look at their appraisal everything is like a perfect score and that is what is happening to our system for us to be able to remove them but and then something else happened about three weeks ago somebody from my ministry we were changing some stuff took pictures and send it to one of his family members put it on the news just for badness and it wasn’t like that but the good thing is that we have cameras and we found out who did it but yet we cannot do nothing with them because there is no concrete evidence their appraisal hundred percent.”

We will keep monitoring the developments of the problem.

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