The Prime Minister also trotted out various economic features to make the argument that in four key sectors of national development, Belize is ahead of the curve thanks to the elusive Petrocaribe Program. The PM boasted about several projects that will be primarily funded by Petrocaribe including the announcement of a new airstrip for Northern Ambergris Caye and the continued paving of the roads.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-22_at_8.35.47_PMHonorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“Tourism remains our single largest driver, I’ll and talk a little about our plans to continue encouraging its star turn. These include additional marketing and quality improvement efforts but they also include destination infrastructure improvement and there are three projects in that connection that I wish to highlight. First, there is the continuation of the North Ambergris Caye Road Project; we have just signed a contract for the construction of another 4 miles of the road providing land access to the premier resorts on North Ambergris, making for a total of 11 miles that we have already funded. When this next phase is completed we will sign for the last few miles to take us to the Basil Jones airstrip, which we will re-develop, re-design and expand into an international airport. I am also happy to announce that Basil Jones will be renamed the Efrain Guerrero International Airport in honor of the eponymous, recently deceased San Pedro patriot."

The PM cited that since March of this year, as promised, government has invested $20 million in village constituencies nationwide and claims that they “are not done yet". A new road that leads to Lamanai will be constructed, providing increased tourism opportunities to Orange Walk Town and Belize Rural North villages. GOB also plans to pave the entire 40 mile stretch of road that leads to Caracol from Georgeville and Santa Elena.

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