bahaIn last night’s newscast we told you about the Belize Agriculture and Health Authority quarantining a farm located between Shipyard and Fireburn Village in the Orange Walk District. Villagers we spoke with said that BAHA officials met with them, around midday on Tuesday of this week and said that they performed tests on poultry on the farm and found traces of a virus. Villagers were informed that their chickens would be removed from the village that very night. The officials followed through with that and removed one final brood of chickens by midday on Wednesday. The situation, said the villagers, caught them unprepared and some we found were still distraught about having their chickens taken away. We have yet to verify where they were taken. Many villagers received a reported eight dollars per head of chicken by a Mennonite from Shipyard but others claim that they did not get any payment. We attempted to get official comment from BAHA officials in Belmopan but were once again unable to reach anyone who could give an official comment. We will keep following this story.

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