A single mother is fighting for her rights over a parcel of land she says she has been living on for four years in Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District. According to the woman, Amalia Flowers, a man she did not name applied for the land about a year ago. Flowers says he knew she has been living there for some years and the only reason she had not applied for her papers was because she was preoccupied with her son who had suffered an accident.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-24_at_7.45.30_PMAmalia Flowers

I clean it up for four years right now and I planted up and follow it up and I paid his own brother the follow it down and then he passed one day by my house and he asked me what is my number for my land and I told him it is 171 and then went behind me and applied for the land and then I went to Mr. Aragon and he gave me a recommendation letter make them cancel it and they didn’t want to cancel it at lands and then I went to Gasper one day a Thursday and I explained myself to him and then he told me that I have to leave the land because I only went to squat in the man land and he has it clean but it is not him who had it clean but he doesn’t owned it he has one beside mines but he sold it already but he wants to claim my one where I am living in and so I have been living there for four years and I went to lands and they treat me like nobody and they never gave me any opportunity to explain.”

Dalila Ical Reporter

“When did this individual applied for this land that you have been I for four years?”

Amalia Flowers

“He applied this year for it about one month before I went to apply for it too but I had always had the land clean and plant out.”

Flowers says she understands the man has been granted the papers to the lands but feels strongly that she deserves if after working the land for four years. She has tried to settle it with the individual but nothing has worked so far, Flowers adds.

Amailia Flowers

“I tell the boy that if he wanted the land just to make he pay me for my labor for it and each plant that I have in the yard and make he pay me and then he can keep it because when I dead I will not carry the land with me but he say he will not pay me for nothing and I told him that I will not come out from it if he doesn’t pay me for it and told Mr. Aragon that the only way I will come out if that if they bring a coffin and if he dead or me dead because I will not come out of it because I work hard and I have worked for it because I am a single woman and they told me that they will give me another piece of land and they want to send me back so and I am by myself.”

We attempted to contact the lands department to inquire about the land parcel but could not reach any of the extensions listed in the directory. We will keep following the story.

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