Screen_Shot_2015-09-24_at_7.46.10_PMThere is more political bicker to report tonight as another Facebook post triggered another flurry of comments from both PUP and UDP supporters. A Facebook user posted a picture of the George Price monument located at the George Price Avenue and Stadium Street with the caption, “A monument dedicated to the Rt. HON GEORGE PRICE. It’s a shame that this has been there for such a long time and no one has bothered to fix it. CAN ANYONE PLEASE FIND ALL THE MISTAKES? This monument is found at the entrance of the Boulevard that is in front of San Francisco school. Whoever the person in charge of this atrocious doing, what a shame. Hope someone fixes it up soon,” unquote.

The post soon caught the attention of several, including Mayor Kevin Bernard who is of the firm belief that this is yet another attempt of the UDP and its supporters trying to cause mischief. We spoke with him over the phone today to find out what happened to the monument and to clarify if it was indeed a mistake by the artist or a photo shopped picture. This is what he said happened.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town

“Is not Photoshop somebody went there to fool with it tampered with it because I personally checked it when the man finished it and that was never that way, I have a picture of the previous one because all the guy went to do for us was to change the face and colored the rest of the wall that was it you can clearly see where the person took the U and turned it on an O, took the E in September after the T and changed it into a B and then the R into a B that is what they did and we went somebody to try to fix it but a the end of the somebody just do that because I pass they every day and I always look on that thing and the wall was repainted about six months ago and if that was done six months ago with the error we would have fix it long time, I have Mr. Duran who came and thanked me to say finally you fix the face and the monument looks much better he would have pointed out the spelling to me long time.”

The person who posted the picture claimed again and again that he did not post the picture to cause political mischief. He claims, after receiving numerous accusations and strong opposition to his alleged intention that he only sought for the errors to be fixed. The mayor however is not having none of that.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town

“I think what happen is simply they are trying to find something to get after us because of the fact that we lashed them up with the banner that they put up we lashed up with the garbage truck but every time they open their mouth they push up their foot deeper down their throat.”

The mayor immediately made arrangements for the monument to be fixed.

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