Screen_Shot_2015-09-25_at_7.46.06_PMYesterday we told you about police in Belize City preparing a file to lay charges upon a registered US sex offender who was living in the Lake Independence Area of Belize City. And today around 1:45pm, Kenrick Bowman of a Police Street Address was read a single charge of sexual assault.

The charge says authorities stems from mid-January of this year where Bowman "Engaged in a Sexual act in the presence of a 15 year-old child".

As we reported, an allegation arose from a concerned neighbor who has for a while been observing that several boys visit the offender’s home. Reports indicate that the predator has been luring neighborhood boys with Ramen noodles in exchange for sex acts. The neighbor reported the matter to the police after he witnessed a young boy emerging from the man’s residence in a disoriented state.

The neighbor says when he asked the boy what was wrong, the boy explained that he had been forced to perform oral sex with the man in exchange for two packs of noodles. Kenrick Bowman is a registered sex offender in the State of California and has been living in Lake I for over two years, according to neighbors. It is uncertain at this point whether other charges will be levied on Bowman. Meanwhile, police continue to interview several young boys about their visits to Bowman’s residence.

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