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The 29th of September will mark the 65th anniversary of Belize’s oldest political party, the People’s United Party. And while it is an occasion for much celebration, there is dark cloud hanging over the activities scheduled to take place in the Village of Paraiso which falls under the Corozal North division.

According to the former Chairman of the Paraiso Village Council, Reinor Castillo, the current UDP Village Council are not in agreement that the activity in commemoration of the P.U.P’s 64th anniversary take place at the Baltazar Vasquez Park.

Castillo says that a letter requesting the use of the venue was sent to the Village Council but the response was unfavourable. But even so he remains optimistic and hopes that at the end the P.U.P Committee of the village will be allowed to use the park.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-25_at_7.46.57_PMReinor Castillo- Former Chairman Paraiso Village

“Le hemos mandado una carta oficialmente pidiéndole el parque como reconocemos que el Chairman debe representar al pueblo de Paraios pero nos ha reusado prestarles o rentarles el parque y este evento es algo público no solo es para el Partido Unido del Pueblo pero para todo Beliceño que quiera celebrar el aniversario del Partido Unido del Pueblo.”



“Cuales la razón que ellos dicen porque no le pueden otorgar el parque?"

Reinor Castillo- Former Chairman Paraiso Village

“Pues yo creo que es más política que están usando pero nosotros siempre hemos representado la aldea como hemos tenido Chairman del Partido Unido del Pueblo y nunca se le había negado nada a nadie porque sabemos que el parque es algo público y que es el mejor lugar donde se puede celebrar cualquier evento que es para el público entonces eso es lo que estamos encontrando pero yo creo que estamos negociando con el Chairman y vamos a lograr que consigamos el parque porque este evento siempre se ha celebrado todo lo que es la constituencia norte; ha estado en Xaibe, en Patchakan y nunca hemos tenido esos problemas y es primera vez que estamos teniendo estos problemas en la bella aldea de Paraiso.”

Reports are that the Village Council refuses to allow the committee to carry out activities at the park because in two separate occasions they proved to be irresponsible. But Castillo says he does not buy that excuse and strongly believes that the action is politically motivated.

Reinor Castillo- Former Chairman Paraiso Village

“Son cosas que cualquiera va a usar escusas pero es mentira porque si ellos tuvieran tanta prueba debían de presentar esas pruebas pero no hay pruebas solo con cosas de política que están usando que no quieren prestar el parque.”



“Se dice que ellos le mandaron una carta adonde mencionan la razones que no le quieren prestar el parque?”

Reinor Castillo- Former Chairman Paraiso Village

“Pues las razones que dicen esas cartas no tienen ningún peso contra la comitiva del Partido Unido del pueblo porque nosotros siempre hemos cumplido con que ellos han pedido.”

Despite that the venue for the celebration is still in limbo, today P.U.P Corozal North Standard Bearer, David Castillo, extended an invitation to northenos.

David Castillo - Standard Bearer Corozal North.

“The 29th of September, 2015 the People’s United Party will be celebrating its 65th anniversary, the 65th birthday of the PUP, and when it comes to the Corozal North constituency for tradition whether we are in government or in opposition we celebrate and we keep up the birthday of the party and we have a grand celebration in the Corozal North Constituency and as per customary we do it grand and we have a massive event in the area and for this year we will be celebrating the birthday of the party in the beautiful village of Paraiso.”

The event will kick-off with a massive motorcade from Patchakan Village. Present will be P.UP Leader Francis Fonseca and Standard Bearers of the Corozal and Orange Walk Constituencies.

David Castillo - Standard Bearer Corozal North.

“We will be starting with a grand motorcade in Patchakan village and it will be commencing by the Presbyterian Clinic and the motorcade will head to Xaibe village, San Andres going through San Antonio and then in the village of Paraiso and then a marching parade in Paraiso with the Orange Walk marching band and then we will be having the ceremonies with local cultural groups and other artists presenting and we are inviting the Mexican dance group, a large group having a nice display for our people, it will be a gran event and it is a good opportunity for Corozalenos and for people to come and listen to the messages or our leaders and not only to identify our problems that are affecting our country but also the solutions to the problems in regards to crating more opportunities economically is important especially for our young people for them to come and hear and to be part of the solution for a better Belize.”

According to a letter sent to the PUP committee by the village council, the permission for the use of the park will not be granted based on seven reasons. One of those reasons is that “the park will not be used for political activities”. But the Law office of Musa & Balderamos finds this ridiculous. According to them, Paraiso Village is in the country of Belize and as such, every villager is guaranteed under the constitution of Belize, to assemble freely and associate with other persons sharing similar political views or belonging to the same political party. The Constitution of Belize section 13 further states that no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his right to associate or belong to a political party, says the Law office of Musa & Balderamos.

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