Screen_Shot_2015-09-28_at_8.00.13_PMInspection Robotica and Skynet a professional robotics services company and an aerial services company respectively are seeking to introduce some state of the art technology to Belize that they say will greatly improve efficiency in various working sectors. Representatives, Jake Brown, CAO of Inspection Robotica and John Ferguson, CEO at Skynet were in Orange Walk today to provide a demonstration of their joint venture to several representatives of organizations and companies. The team flew on of their drones above a sugar cane field about a mile off the Yo Creek Road.


Jake Brown

“We can collect information on propel we can do 3d point modeling, contour maps, topography using laser beam to basically penetrate the ocean floor and map the sea floor so it is a very broad scope of what.”

As the team promotes the technology in Belize, they add that the sugar industry stands to benefit greatly from it.


John Ferguson

“We wanted to show the farmers and everybody that while using this system unmanned technology we can make the job much more efficient, much more cost effective and much safer.”


“What is some of the lattes technology and when you talk about cost how cost effective is this for the farming industry or the sugar industry here in Belize.”

John Ferguson

“We have seen the project that we have done here in the past typically with the method of surveying which is by using men to g out ad to do surveys depending on the acres it could take weeks what it could take somebody weeks and hundreds of thousands of dollars to do we can get it done as less.”

So in a nutshell, and as it is indicated on their pamphlet, the process developed by Inspection Robotica allows for complete studies that are faster, safer and more accurate in a reduced time and at a lower cost than traditional methods. If the technology is adopted by the sugar industry, it would translate in farmers saving thousands of dollars.


John Ferguson

“When you are measuring infrared what is doing it is measuring the heat absorption of the plant so you can actually measure chlorophyll levels so you can quantify photosynthesis so when you are flying over and it is measuring infrared you are actually picking up on heat absorption and you can see all sorts of things.”

The team that visited Orange Walk today wanted to show just how this technology works as they try to bring in a 200 billion dollar industry to Belize. Ferguson says that this could place Belize in the lead within the region, and already they are working towards training local pilots and putting local aircrafts in Belize. The team is also aiming at opening a manufacturing facility to build aircrafts in Belize to sell around the world. Of course, if anyone is interested, the aircrafts may also be sold within the country as it is easy to operate.

John Ferguson

“The multi router system they can fly over 3000 meters but of course that is against the law in any country because you are entering into commercial air space to answer it is 10000 meter that is only limited to the battery but regulation would allowed to go no more than 120 meters.”

The team is planning on holding more demos in the near future. Other services provided by Inspection Robotica are internal pipeline assessments and underwater inspections.

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