Screen_Shot_2015-09-28_at_8.00.33_PMOn Sunday, millions of people around the world enjoyed the sight of a “blood moon”. This was the result of a lunar eclipse combined with a “supermoon” which in turn made our natural satellite appear red in colour. During a full lunar eclipse the moon is behind the shadow of the earth however the moon will actually turn red despite it being behind the earth. The reason is simply because the light of the sun hits the earth’s atmosphere curving around and hitting the moon turning it red. Sundays Blood Moon happened to be the closest supermoon of 2015, it is called a Blood Moon, because it presents the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: (four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart). The tetrad (Blood Moons) occurred on April 15 2014, October 8 2014, April 4th 2015 and now September 27th 2015.

The next blood moon will be in 2033.

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