Anyone who knows Ladrick “Mad Bull” Shepperd knows that the councillor’s priority is the wellbeing of children as it pertains to sports. Over the weekend, Shepperd, who spearheads tournaments to keep the youths active, says he was targeted by thieves as they stole a tent he uses to carry out his events. Today he stopped by our studios to recount the incident and plead to the person to have a kind heart and return the much needed equipment ….

Screen_Shot_2015-09-28_at_7.59.55_PMLADRICK “MADBULL” SHEPPERD – Councillor for Sports

“Yesterday we had the female tournament games, the Caribbean Female Tournament that was held at the technical field, so I have a team in the tournament as well so they lives in the villages and when the games are finished and like it is on Sundays I have to take the back to where they live and the tent stay there but it seems to me that someone just took it down so by the time I went back out there the tent was gone quite strange because when I have these activities the tents stays there and so it is funny to see that doing some sporting activities is when they took the tent and it is a white tent with six legs and I had to report it to the police the value of the tent is around seven hundred dollars.”        

Anyone with information can contact Councillor Shepperd at 671-8902. Viewers are also reminded that purchasing stolen items is punishable by law.

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