colaCitizens Organized for liberty through action, COLA, says it finds the comments of Minister Godwin Hulse last Friday quote, “to be disturbing in the extreme,” unquote. Viewers may recall that last Friday Minister Hulse blamed the media for over sensationalizing the rat incident at the Western regional Hospital that eventually made its way into international news outlets.

COLA, in a release issued today, says that this is an unwarranted attack on the right of free press to be relevant and thorough in the coverage of matters within the country. This, COLA adds, should not be allowed by the Belize media. COLA further called the Minister’s position on the matter a representation of how comical government officials are. While the minister contends that the images paints a nasty picture of Belize, particularly the health system, COLA says that it is the way government has covered up numerous scandals that is nasty.

The organization proceeds saying and we quote, “Sadly, we would expect such words from the bubble-headed, incompetent electrician who serves as our Minister of Health. But from a people’s champion, an academic like Hulse, who should know better, this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth,” end quote.

COLA ends by asking the minister to retract his comments.

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