Politics is all the talk this week as Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced the date for the next general elections. Today while speaking with the Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard, we asked him for his views on the PM’s announcement.


Screen_Shot_2015-09-29_at_8.09.56_PMMayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town

“I believe that the government is in some serious problems the prime minister has called the elections 17 months away from its due time and that shows you that this is the second time that he has been calling an early elections and I don’t want to hear about transformation, lives really has not been transformed in this country the economy is in shambles, foreign investment is down a lot of people in poverty and so I think that at the end of the day while street and all on these things yes it does enhance your community government must look on the way how to provide employment, how to create opportunities for our people and that has not been done and I think that it is high time that people of Belize look at the better picture, look at what we can do to save this country, the Guatemala issue this government has been playing with the Guatemalan issue for too long and they have not come forward with the people, we have our Northern Territorial Volunteers who have taken that risk and gone to the borders yet to be chastise by our own government these are thing that people are talking about you are hearing about the Super Bond it is no longer Super Bond it is a huge Bond now that has always been battled up by this government they are talking about paying old debts we have been paying old debts at the council but at the end of the day we have to move on it is no longer to continue to blame the past we have to be able to work ahead, you need to see progress in this country we are not seeing that in this country Banking sector is in a mess all of these things people need to look at and I think the business community is keen at these issues and the independent voter I ask them to come out on November 4th and cast your vote and vote for the party that can always bring development in this country and vote for a party that can go in with reform changes.”


Bernard adds that while critics may say that the PUP is not a viable option, he is confident that his party is ready to take the country forward into success.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town

“Let me go back in 2008 the PUP was in government with all the resources and the people made a change at that time, the PUP has paid its price for the past two terms now being out from office and I think that there has been some self-reflection there are some changes that need to be made we need to go in as a government to ensure that the people comes first and that is why we as young leader need to push for those things the party will finds its resource but it will never match the UDP but at the end of the day we need to make sure that we reach out the right policies that we are going to campaign on and we work on those policies educational reform, political reform people want to see this country progress.”

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