Screen_Shot_2015-10-01_at_8.27.51_PMOn Monday we told you about a tent that was stolen from Councillor Ladrick ‘Mad Bull’ Shepperd after he hosted a football tournament over the weekend. Today, that tent has still not been recovered but the good news tonight is that a Good Samaritan and friend from the United States has donated the money for acquire a new tent. Shepperd stopped by our studios to share with us the good news…

LADRICK “Mad Bull” Shepperd – Sports Councillor

“It was on Monday I got a text on Facebook a friend of mine by the name of Mrs. Maria Sutherland she told me that she heard in the news about what happened with the tent and if she could have help in any way she would have done so she told me to look out and if I couldn’t recover back the tent she will buy one for me and every day we were dialoging and every day she would text me and this morning I text her and told her that we couldn’t find the tent and that it was basically gone and she sent the money for me to buy a new brand tent and that is what you see so we can continue the sporting activity that we have every Saturday and Sunday at the Technical field.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Now I would believe that you have stepped up your security measures in terms of this not repeating itself again?”


LADRICK “Mad Bull” Shepperd – Sports Councillor

“No, no, no as soon as the game is finished I will make sure that I put my tent back in the vehicle and I will take it home back but it is just to show that in life there is sometimes when you do good in the community and there are people that don’t care what you do so we just have to continue with the positives that we are doing in society and remember that when you do good there will always be that one there that sees what you are doing and respect what you are doing and that is the reason why I am so blessed.”           

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