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noimageToday District Education Managers from across the country convened in Corozal at the District Centre for their quarterly meeting. The last time the meeting was held was in the Stann Creek District in the month of March so this one was long overdue.

The purpose of the meeting was for managers to exchange information specifically in the areas of accomplishments and challenges they are facing in the education sector.

Jahmore Lopez Corozal District Centre Manager

“The purpose of the meeting is for us to meet as colleagues where we come together, the center managers, the education officers and we share our accomplishments what it is that we’ve done in our individual districts looking at challenges and looking at the way forward and it’s a wonderful way of networking and sharing we look at what works in a particular district and to see if we are able to adopt that or to look at the challenges that our colleagues have been experiencing in their area and then to see how we can learn from that and when we put heads together that we are able to come up with solutions to whatever challenges that are presented.”

According to Corozal District Education Centre Manager Jahmore Lopez, three of the common challenges faced are the issue of resources, communication, and improvement of mechanisms that are already in place.

Jahmore Lopez Corozal District Centre Manager

“There is usually the issue of resources and we have to be creative in terms of how we manage limited resources so we have to liaise with each other to see how for example you have to get your officers out to remote locations so how do you accomplish that to be effective, we have actually shared ideas in terms of well you have to do a rotation basis, there is also the issue where as a big ministry communication can be a bit of a challenge at times so we are proposing in terms of hammering out a communication strategy that will see us be more effective in terms of information sharing because we see at times that information is not relayed and it happens in every sector where we look at education not only from the ministry perspective but we look for example where we look for our school leaders and we share information and then the teacher don’t get the information, the parents don’t get the information and so we know that that the issue of communication continues to be a challenge and so we are looking at hammering out an effective communication strategy, another challenge that we have discussed has to do with how improving some of our mechanisms that we have in place in terms of our derivable as they see we provide a service to all of our stakeholders and sometimes the services that we provide is dependent on what comes to us so if we look at the issue for example subsidy we receive subsidy certificates a little bit late this year and was because we use the new system in terms of how we were able to determine who will be eligible, there was a registration exercise that was done we had the human series that were involved in the process and after we did our analysis we realize that there is the need for us to be a little bit more efficient in terms of the completion of the process because it used to be in the past that the certificates would be delivered to us early June and we give those to the students in time for the graduation, that wasn’t possible this time around.”

The hope is that at the end of the meeting solutions to the challenges faced are found.

Jahmore Lopez Corozal District Centre Manager

“Firstly a number of concerns have been tables usually in any meeting we record minutes and so for this meeting what we had to do is to review the minutes of the meeting from the meeting in Dangriga, we looked at matter arising, those have been discussed and already we have tabled a number of recommendations in terms of addressing a number of concerns that were brought forth, so these meetings are very essential in that it helps us to problem solve, come up with solutions and collectively for our voices to be heard because there will be challenges here and there and so that we can be a united voice to say here is a concern, her is a an issue and this is how we believe that it should be addressed and how we can move forward because we are the technical people on the ground running he districts and so we are very optimistic and hopeful that the recommendations that we tabled will be able to make changes positively an meaningfully.”

Present at the forum were all District Centre Managers along with their respective Education Officers, finance officer, public relations officer, personnel from human resource office, the assistant administrative officer and the entire staff of the Corozal Education Department. The presence of immediate supervisor, Dr. Caroll Babb, was also noted.

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