wilfredThe People’s United Party today issued a press release where they are reiterating their position when it comes to the Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute.

This comes after a speech given by Foreign Minister of Belize Wilfred Elrington at the United Nations today. According to the P.U.P, in his speech Elrington, said that Belize had and we qoute “signed a Protocol to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime claim to the International Court of Justice.” End quote.

The P.U.P states that at no point during his speech, did Elrington ever say that there must first be referenda in Belize and Guatemala, in order to approve any such submission.

The P.U.P further states that as stated in a Resolution passed on July 4th, 2015, the People’s United Party is convinced that for the territorial integrity and the security of Belize, Belizeans can no longer place their trust, permit or allow the current United Democratic Party administration to continue to deal with and manage the territorial differendum with Guatemala in the……and we quote “present reckless and high-handed manner without any consultation with or input from Belizeans.” End of quote.

At the end of the release the PUP reiterates that it will not agree to the holding of a Referendum in Belize in order to ask Belizeans if they support the taking of the matter of the unfounded Guatemalan Claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice and that the PUP will continue to work and internationalize the position of Belize to the unfounded and unjust Guatemalan claim to Belize and to ensure the safeguard all of the rights of Belize to all of its sovereign territory, and all insular and maritime areas and preserve them intact.

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