noimageToday four men from the Village of Chunox in the Corozal District appeared at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to answer to charges of possession of conch during the closed season.

On September 30th, one day before the conch season was declared open, the Fisheries Department caught eight men with almost a thousand conch. Among them were Chunox residents, 36 year old Demerrel Tun who was caught with 125 conch, 22 year old Eli Tun who was in possession of 302 conch, 22 year old Roger Linarez who had 206 conch, and 41 year old Edgar Tun who was found in possession of 159 conchs. The men were caught onboard a sail boat North East of Mauger Caye in the Turneffe Atoll. We understand all four pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of conch in the closed season and were all fined $500 each plus a $5.00 cost of court fee.

But that is not all. The men were also ordered to pay an individual fine of $20.00 for each conch found in their possession.  Demerrel Tun paid a total of $3,005.00, Eli $6,545.00, Linarez $4,625, and Edgar Tun was fined $3,685.  The family paid a total of $17,850.00. They have until January 15th, 2016 to pay the fine or in default face six months imprisonment.

Of note is that earlier this year the Tun family also had to pay a huge fine of almost $20,000 after they were caught in possession of conch during closed season.

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