Since his twenty minute climate change presentation at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Foreign Affairs Minister and Pickstock Standard Bearer, Wilfred Elrington, has once again come under serious criticism for his role in the unresolved Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute.

And today, that “Anti-Sedi” campaign was stepped up a notch as the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) wants the Pickstock electorate to take away the Attorney General and lately Minister of Foreign Affairs’ seat in the House of Representatives in the November 4 general elections from Elringhton. But how do they plan on executing such a feat? COLA’s President, Giovanni Brackett, says a public meeting will be organized to educate the electorate…


Screen_Shot_2015-10-06_at_7.45.44_PMGIOVANNI BRACKETT – President, COLA

“If you notice we have never sat in any political party when they have their press conference not even the BPP to endorse anybody because we are not here to endorse a political party and the leader of the BPP is a very close friend of mine and a founding member of COLA that is where we stand but when you have somebody that is playing around with the 8867 square miles of our country it leaves us with no other choice but to defend and what do you expect us to do sit back and allow the foreign minister to become another minister again to and he is hell been going to the ICJ, if he gets reelected it is a stamp of approval that they will take that we already want to go to the ICJ this is our last resort and so it is not for us to endorse a political party but it is a form of our protest to state our position in the strongest way that we can right now.”

A few weeks before the election date was announced, COLA was on a rampage campaign called “Build the Base Now”. But the PM heard that call and in his Independence Day Speech announced that they would build the base. The media asked Brackett about that campaign which seems to have slipped under the rug…


“The build the base campaign we would have loved to continue to flesh that out but the Prime Minister gave us a promise that the base would be built and then call the election which we don’t have any assurance that the base would be built and we cannot continue our campaign when there is no real government in power as per say right now so we are force to do the only thing that we can do to send a message a to vote Sedi Elrington out.”

And while the Anti-Sedi campaign is in full force, in November’s elections, Elrington will be contested by two candidates in the Pickstock Division. Those include the People’s United Party’s Dr. Francis Smith and Ian Cacho of the Belize Progressive Party. But today COLA representatives said they will endorse neither political party nor any candidate for the election.


“The position that we are taking here at  COLA as an organization whilst we never done this before, we never attempt to either endorse a politician we have come out unanimously to say that to choose any option except Sedi Elrington for the pickstock area, we believe if the UDP which has a lot of money right now we know that they are the incumbent if he were to win again we would have to face to have him as foreign minister once again this for us in our view and we’ve consult with many different people is not in line with what we want to see in this country, Minister Elrington had one last chance to restore credibility to his name and to his post at the last UN meeting he use just about a minute of close to a twenty minute speech just to deal with the biggest issue going into elections right now, he could have used that platform to internationalize the Belie/Guatemala Territorial Dispute and he never did do so, he has really disgrace that position as foreign affairs minister.”

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