Screen_Shot_2015-10-08_at_8.13.54_PMToday the UB faculty staged an impromptu demonstration as they call for a 14% salary increase across the board. According to reports received, today’s demonstration began with some twenty members of faculty and staff at the UB campus in Belmopan. They began a march from the Scarlet Macaw building, moved to the Jaguar Auditorium and headed to the an area in front of the library where they held a small rally. By then, the group had grown and included some students as well.

Las week Thursday, UB faculty and staff at the Belmopan and Belize City campuses held a meeting where a fourteen percent salary increase was of utmost importance to those in attendance. An email was sent to the president of UB Alan Slusher who responded by saying that on Tuesday of that same week the association executive of UB met with the president of the board where they were informed that as of August first this year a five percent salary adjustment had been approved by the Board of Trustees.


In addition, there are reports that there were also talks of a compensation review and a business review which will inevitably affect salaries. The letter also indicated that it will engage its members in campus specific meetings, the first of which is to take place in Belmopan tomorrow at 10 am. It appears that this is why the demonstration was held today as they prepare for the scheduled meeting tomorrow.

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