And while the PUP candidates in the north remain confident, so are other candidates within the party. PUP Standard Bearer for Collet in Belize City Yasmin Shoman was at the Power to the People Rally held in Orange Walk Town on Sunday and says the party is gaining momentum as it travels across the country.

YasminYasmin Shoman - PUP Standard Bearer for Collet

“I feel very confident, the numbers have been getting bigger and bigger as the tour travels across the country, I was made to understand that today we have ten thousand strong, in Corozal in San Narciso we had seven thousand now we have ten thousand so as we keep moving and keep spreading the message of hope of the next PUP government we are picking up supporters and it its being energized that margin of people that didn’t come out and vote in the 2012 and in the municipal elections are motivated and they want a change and we are picking up a lot of independent voters, swing voters and even some UDPs’ who are not happy with their own party are joining the PUP movement because our country is in crisis and our people don’t have jobs, they can’t assess a piece of land and thy cant access health care and education is killing them and the roads are in a deplorable state and this government has been enriching themselves and turning away from their very own supporters and when you lose the support and the confidence of the grass roots people it is time for you to leave so our message to Dean Borrow, Patrick Farber and the UDP role out of town, Francis Fonseca and the PUP have a plan to fix this economy, we also have the problem with Guatemala, territorial security they can say anything they want about the PUP we are the party of independence and Belize was always safe under the PUP so we feel good and the party leader is confident, boots are on the ground our supporters are rallying behind us and we are confident that we are coming back home.”

And as to doubt about the party’s unity and readiness for office, Shoman says democracy has never been more alive in the party.

Yasmin Shoman - PUP Standard Bearer for Collet

“That is a fair question but I will say this any mass party has divisions and has problems but we in the PUP are a family when you saw the G-11 speaking out if this were the UDP and eleven of our brothers and sisters made that concern Dean Barrow would have thrown them aside and crushed them we are different in the PUP we sat down, our leader sat down because those eleven individuals are valuable to him and to all of us and we all came together in the spirit is unity because at the end of the day we have a common goal Belize needs a People’s United Party government in office and we are very strong in the north we are very strong in the South and we will be coming in the West and you will be surprised Belize City will be bringing a lot of seats so the PUP is not perfect we do have to love each other and we are united for a common goal and at the end of the day that is what has made us stronger we have put all our differences aside because Belize needs us and I think democracy is just democracy that is alive with the PUP we can speak our minds, we can object to things we don’t like and we can see each other point of view but right now the UDP has nothing to say we are getting stronger and the more we unite the more they are falling apart they are fighting like cats and dogs  because some of them were not prepared for this election only Dean Barrow inner circle and it is going tow rok in our favor I believe.”

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