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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

The banners, flags and commercials are strong indication that we are now in the full political swing. Mudslinging and slandering now form part of the Belizean culture whenever election time comes around and of course criticism from both major political parties is now an everyday meal.

In the same way that the PUP have been very critical about the UDP’s performance over the past eight years, the United Democratic Party has been hitting back and with even more force since the announcement of the date for General Elections.

The primary criticism by the UDP and even voters is that the PUP is not ready for office – the party is divided and there is still much work left to be done to restore the PUP back to its former glory and is not a viable option.

Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno dismisses all of the UDP’s critiques saying that the differences in opinions and views within the PUP are precisely what makes it a strong party and best option for the people of Belize.


johnHonorable John Briceno – PUP Area Representative Orange Walk Central

“I would completely dismiss those view and I wouldn’t give it much credit and I will tell you why; first of all when it comes to the issue to the division within the party; a party is made up of people with different ideas and different view and this is what it makes a party vibrant we can’t have a party that if the leader says this is red when it is white everybody say oh it is red, we need people with ideas, we need people that can think for themselves and that can present different alternatives and different view in the party that is what makes a party vibrant that is what has made the PUP so strong as an institution that we have people that can think that think for themselves, the last time around has nothing to do with the leadership and as we have said it as Mr. Cordel Hyde has said it, it was simply that we were bringing to the attention of the leadership of the party that we need to have a national convention, the last one that we had was in 2010, that we need to restructure the executive because we thought that the executive has gotten too big that you really can’t function when you have fifty people in a room and thirdly the issue of the policies that we have to be able to have more ideas into setting up the policies and the party leader met with us and he said that he agreed with all three issues and we said fine we are to go back because it has nothing to do oh we don’t want this one and that one it was simple that we wanted to begin this to the attention of the leadership of the party and we had decide well the party leader has addressed the issue well and the concerns that we had so we were prepared now to now to fight hard for the PUP it was only after that about two weeks later when we had already settled that matter that the Prime Minister announced elections so it has nothing to do with elections oh we had to jump in because of elections this was something that was done before the elections.”

Briceno went on to state that the PUP has far more qualified candidates than does the UDP, especially since UDP Party Leader Dean Barrow may soon be forced to step down.

Honorable John Briceno – PUP Area Representative Orange Walk Central

“When you look at the people that are representing the UDP and the people that are representing the PUP that we have a much better team than the UDP the problem that the Prime Minister if facing is that he knows that within another two years or so he will have to step down  unfortunately he has a bad back and the whole country knows that and it is getting progressively worst but I feel for the man and we should all be looking for one another but he know so that he will not be able to continue the pace of work that he is doing right now, he has no bench who is going to take over after him? Mr. Vega I mean you know, he has no bench he has no debt within his team now we in the PUP when you look at the people that we have people with experience we have people that are young but are well prepared that have the ideas, that have the energy that have the drive and the conviction and that they have a vision for this country and that is what sets the PUP from the UDP so I am confident that on November 4th people will look at who they are voting as their representative and then when they look at the entire team because  whilst you are elected yes as their representative it is also a matter of the team that you represent and the people of this country are going to say in one voice out loud that they are going to vote for a government for the People’s United Party.”

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