Screen_Shot_2015-10-15_at_8.11.29_PMA release from the Commissioner of Police to all regional commanders to stand down from conducting vehicular check points countrywide until further notice is causing quite a stir among Belizeans. The MEMO, which was dated October 13th, informs all commanding officers that if the “need arises to conduct a checkpoint, that they must consult with the Commissioner for approval,” end quote. And since we are only weeks away from the General Elections, the memo is drawing concern from the Opposition and other entities. Today, Julius Espat spoke on the matter via telephone.


JULIUS ESPAT – Deputy Leader, PUP

“We are having a lot of movement of people in all constituencies, we understand that at this time, election time there are people crossing the borders and we would like the police to have more vigilance instead of less vigilance so it concerns us that at this critical point the police has decided to not have check points and we would like some answers from the Commissioner of Police as to why this directive was given and what is the reason behind it.  Election is not only about voting there are many things that happen before the voting occurs and we would like our citizens to be safe and we would our people to sleep very good at night so this is a time when the police force should be more alert than ever and so we are asking the police department or the minister himself in charge of the police department to give us a reason as to why at this critical point are they doing this.”


“Now, as I understand it I spoke to the CEO in the ministry of national security and he says it is simply because it is a terrible inconvenience to commuters and that in fact he said it doesn’t achieve anything because it is not intelligence base it is just too random and too inconvenient, how do you respond to that?”

JULIUS ESPAT – Deputy Leader, PUP

“Well I prefer to be inconvenient and at the same time feel safe so if you ask me as a Belizean citizen I prefer there be especially during an election period and so I don’t see the logic behind that why take it away now why was it not inconvenient before.”

Our attempts to get comment on the rationale behind the move to the Ministry of National Security went unanswered. Of greatest concern to norteños is the increased violence and crime hikes that have been plaguing Orange Walk by transient criminals. In fact, check points in the north have resulted in the conviction of drug traffickers and illegal immigrants.

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