noimgaeEvery time Elections rolls around, there are tons of questions and concerns thrown out in the public domain as it relates to the election processes and especially the voters list. While we’ve heard of stories from tampering with the voters list to late registrations being approved, tonight we have a story from a resident in Orange Walk Central, who claims that she had registered to vote since before the Municipal Elections but has been denied her right. While the caller wished to remain anonymous, she believes elections and boundaries is giving her the run around simply for political mischief…


Rejected voter

“I had already registered from last year before the municipal elections and I went to register and everything went good and they told me to go back for my card so I went back and they didn’t gave me it so when it was time for election my name didn’t appear so I couldn’t vote so a couple days now my mom said that Mr. Nick called her and he told her that I want to know why your daughter didn’t vote so she told me to go and check and I went to check and my name doesn’t appear on the list so I don’t know what went wrong and I have my receipt and so I don’t know what is going on.”



“So were you looking forward to vote in this election?”

Rejected voter

“Yes mom, and I was looking forward to support Mr. Johnny and I am nineteenth and this would be my first election.  I brought it to the media because I think that people should be concern about this problem and also because of my t-shirt they had a problem because I hear that Mr. Mig is a UDP member and so I believe that he knows what is going on.”


While we tried to get comment from the department today all our efforts proved fruitless. Of note is that compared to the 2012 General Elections, the Orange Walk Central Constituency voters list has increased by over a thousand voters from 5,558 in 2012 to 6,898 voters.

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