Last night we showed documents which revealed that three parcels of prime land located in the Orange Walk East constituency were awarded to friends of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega.

As mentioned last night, due to their prime location, which is just a few feet away from the Philip Goldson Highway and surrounded by a number of large businesses, the parcels are considered to have high market value. But despite this fact Derrick Gillett only paid $800.00 for parcel 4303, Roman Alvarez $1,000 for parcel 4135 an Emir Cruz $800.00 for parcel 4304. The parcels were awarded to the men between 2008 and 2009 and were paid for in October and December of 2009.

Now, the news has caused outrage in Orange Walk East, says PUP Standard Bearer Josue Carballo. This is because plans were in place for the area. The PUP, as we understand it, had long planned to build a small market to serve that neighborhood and give space to vendors thus boosting the economy of the east and Orange Walk on whole.  When Mayor Kevin Bernard was sworn into office he and his councilors followed up on the plan but were informed that the area was no longer crown land as it had been sold.  Who the parcels were sold to, was never revealed until now, and the fact that GOB chose to satisfy a selected few instead of the masses is outrageous, says Carballo.


Screen_Shot_2015-10-15_at_8.11.58_PMJosue Carballo – Orange Walk East Standard Bearer

“On the campaign trail of the people of the east are outraged right now definitely disappointed that once more our communities are left out, we had good plans for that area, we had good plans to bring in the farmers of the East that actually they can have a place where they can sell their products and that can help our local economy to grow, we all know the congestions that happen down town however once more we see this government leaving our communities aside giving a chosen few to enrich themselves unnecessarily from the poor people and this is the reason why I decided to come  into politics at the national level to stop these injustices from occurring to give power back to the people, to give our farmers an opportunity to give our local an economy where they can produce and become a part of the richness our country has to offer to our people, the East deserve more and they deserve better and these things must stop.”


Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“As a Councilor, were you aware of this project that was unhands specifically for these particular parcels of land that we are talking about?”

Josue Carballo – Orange Walk East Standard Bearer

“It was a project that was definitely in place  from when we are a part of the council we have been discussing this for years but every time we have been getting information about the land ownership like anything that happens in the lands department it is kept secret and it leaves our people out in the dark, we finally finding out about this so disappointed because this is something that was going to be good for the people of the Orange Walk East.”

For Carballo, the situation is of concern since it is not the first time the lands department finds itself in the hot seat for distribution of land to a selected few while there are thousands of Belizeans, including youths who are yet to receive a piece of the jewel to live on.

Josue Carballo – Orange Walk East Standard Bearer

“I mean that where ever you go you find our young people especially the younger generations they either have to live at home with their parents or they have to be renting because there is no space and the few space if being grabbed by this group and everything is being done in the dark that is why I felt that outrage of the people when they heard this news and they said how these people can get these prime land and yet we can’t get one parcel of land for us to grow and to build our families for us to actually have a future.”

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