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  • Armed Robbers Target Zhen Zhen Shop In Xaibe village

    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:18
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    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:23
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    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:36

As is the obvious the torrential rains experienced over the last few days left Corozal with an unwanted amount of water. And the flooding is expected to get worse since the downpour continues thus bring along the possibility of disease outbreaks. Primary Health Care Coordinator, Doctor Miguel Rivero, told us today the concentration now lies in the areas of preventative measures.

Screen_Shot_2015-10-20_at_7.56.33_PMDr Miguel Rivero

“Well finally the rains have settled in and now we are beginning to see the effects of it first of all we must ensure that everyone remains alive that means stay out of the risk of being under water, being on the risk of flooding and once you decide to go to a shelter make sure you remain clean and follow proper hygiene  and we need to do any check on any disease that would come out from the water supply or food contaminated supply so we need to focus on a lot of hygiene at this point.”


“Primary Health care also entails surveillance, so what type of surveillance is being implemented right now?”

Dr Miguel Rivero

“Well, between yesterday and today we’ve been doing a lot of flood assessments surveillance throughout the Corozal district, we divided the Corozal Districts into primarily seven zones so we divided into several teams to cover all these zones and each zone would have a report attached to it and we would get together and discuss the reports of course with collaboration with NEMO and then we decide what intervention are necessary today so as far as surveillance we are doing very strict flood surveillance and we are also monitoring for any disease outbreaks that could occur in shelters as well.”

According to Rivero, the Corozal District Health Services will do everything in its power to avoid an outbreak of ill borne diseases.

Dr Miguel Rivero

“Well, the latest report we got this morning from NEMO is that we will be moving them to the Ranchito Shelter and there are approximately 29 people before any movement would occur I’ll be making sure that they get some medical services as a general checkup to everyone moving especially the kids just to give them the ok prior to their move.”


“And to all those persons who didn’t not go the shelters but yea they are being affected by the flood, I’ve seen some persons living in their homes still but with flooded conditions, what does the primary health department will do when it comes to them?”

Dr Miguel Rivero

“Well, first of all if there is any house is suffering of being flooded they need to make the report over to DEMO, Mr. Willard Levy and then he would give us instructions as to who need help but in addition to that we do our own surveillance, we drive around Crozoal Town Altamira, Paraiso, Chan Chen and these areas and we see which houses are really suffering and once the vehicle can get through and we can access them and there is anyone at home of course then we bring nurse with us and check if anyone is sick and we distribute any food materials such as protein supplements and any baby that would need these nutrition during these hard times.”

As for the Corozal Public Health Department, they too are keeping a close eye at the flooding situation.

District Public Health Inspector Dianne Lawrence

“Well initially from the on start of the flood we have been in the most affected areas which is Chula Vista and Altamira being into the households securing that they have their water and food supply well above flood waters and if they don’t have access to drinking water and we take a note of that and provision are done through NEMO, but health education wise we are advising the public keep the kids out of the water as much as possible being that the area is mainly pit latrine and the flooded water is contaminated so at any point in time avoid being in the water if the need is not there.”

As mentioned, flooding can bring about illnesses but so far none has been reported in Corozal.

District Public Health Inspector Dianne Lawrence

“So far no don’t have any reports of that and on a daily basis we do monitoring of the shelters and the occupancy in there, right now there are 29 persons in the shelters at Guadalupe R.C. School.”


“I understand that Sarteneja received quite some damage and I also understand that they don’t have any potable drinking water as well what is the plan that public health have probably to have any disease progressing?”

District Public Health Inspector Dianne Lawrence

“Right now with Sarteneja the issue is that the line was broken in several places and they are working right now to get that repaired and once that has been repaired we will conduct our interventions but in the meantime the chairperson has ensured us that there is access to drinking water from the rain water tanks and what we will be doing is providing treatment guide where you do treatment chlorination or we will be issuing tablets as soon as the road becomes passable.”

The general public is also asked to be fully cooperative when the Vector Control Department.

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