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The family of a four month old baby is tonight claiming that the life of their new born was put in danger when members of the Vector Control Unit conducted thermal fogging at the shelter they were staying in namely the Guadalupe Government Primary School in the Corozal District.

The mother of the child told CTV3 News that officials from the vector control department arrived at the shelter to spray for any possible infectious insects especially mosquitos.  She told us that while those in the shelter were warned about the activity, they failed to carry out an inspection within the shelter before starting to spray.  At that time her four month old baby was still inside the building.


“We were at the shelter of Guadalupe school because we got flood here at Chula Vista so we moved and we went at the school we were there from two days and after that the Health Inspector reached all of a sudden and they say that they will spray and told everybody to put their things in plastic bags to take it outside so while we were doing that me and Mrs. Bernadine a teacher from Guadalupe school took the things outside when we were coming back they were sharing clothes then at the time we were there I saw smoke coming out from the classroom where we are so now I left the bag and I ran but at the time the men were at the door so I start to tell them my baby is in there man I started to tell them and you need to take her out and then they say no we cannot go inside and then the principal, the teacher of Guadalupe school and the next people who were sheltering there so I tell them help me and go in and no body didn’t want to go in so now I don’t know how I got strength I just shubbed the men that were at the door and I all I can remember is that I went inside and you lost like in space and then I just grabbed him with the bouncer and I run outside and by the time I ran outside I grab my baby and then the principal of the school saw me while running outside by the gate of the school so that the baby can breathe in and I can give her breathe through her mouth so that she can comeback.”

According to the mother, the experience was horrifying and when she reached at the hospital things only got worse.



“The most thing that hurt me, that really hurt me that nobody come by to see if the baby is breathing or if the baby is ok nor the minister of health department none of those guys there and nobody else the only person that came is Mrs. Bernadine and she started to say lets take her to the hospital, we need a vehicle and then so someone took us to the hospital and reached there and we explained what had happened and they gave the baby remobilizer and I was asking question as to what kind of effect will that have to my baby and if she would be ok and the doctors came checked her but I don’t understand why they didn’t make her an X-ray on her lungs to see if she is ok and I don’t understand and why they didn’t give me the hospital paper the little white one, they didn’t give me that.”

The child is lucky to be alive tonight and what concerns the family is the type of treatment they received at the emergency room.


“I am glad that the baby is still alive and I understand that they started to spray before she could realize it to go inside and get the baby out and whenever she realized that the baby is inside and ask they to inside to help her take the baby out nobody helped her, that is part where is kind of shocking because the man there and she is telling them that the baby is inside and nobody help her and she said that she had to push the man away to get the baby, I was at home cleaning up the place with the debris and I had just finished when the vehicle came for me and desperately just went with her and took the child at the hospital and when I reached at the hospital is where my lady explained to me that they reached over there spray and the baby was inside the classroom still and she and Mrs. Bernadine were moving out things from the classroom and somebody call their attention and quickly tend to the situation.”

CTV3 News contacted the Corozal Community Health Services for answers and we were informed that the matter is under investigation.

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