Screen_Shot_2015-10-20_at_7.56.18_PMWe are pretty sure that here in Belize most of the population is aware about the Penner Passport scandal. That is why when news broke out today that a bag containing passports was found in San Ignacio, social media went crazy.

Around 2:00 this afternoon, San Ignacio Police were called about a suspicious knapsack found abandoned at a printing shop in that municipality. Upon further checks, it was revealed that the black knapsack contained several documents including a Honduran passport, a Guatemalan passport, an American passport, 4 Salvadoran passports and a Belizean passport. Following the discovery, news spread like wildfire and questions began popping up across the country. And tonight still more questions than answers remain as the police are now tasked to decipher who owns the knapsack. San Ignacio police have labelled the find as found property and their investigations continue. And while many questions arise following the sensational passport scandal involving disgraced former Minister Elvin Penner, this evening, the PUP Standard Bearer Cayo Central Dan Silva weighed in on the issue.


“It was not a surprise we obviously suspected that there was a ring of ministers that people very much involve with the ministers with human trafficking and selling of passports and today I think we caught the evidence.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Do you know the circumstances behind the find?”


“Well, a bag was found at a certain establishment and when it was opened they found passports from various nationalities and also the owner of the bag his passport was in the bag too and well by now he is a suspect and not guilty of anything and this evening was a demonstration in front of the park and people were asking that the person be arrested and  charged like everybody in Belize.”   

That knapsack was allegedly left by accident in the establishment. The Belizean passport that was inside the knapsack allegedly belongs to a well-known San Ignacio man aligned to the UDP. Reliable sources tell us that the knapsack has been forwarded to Belmopan under instructions.

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