Screen_Shot_2015-10-21_at_8.33.07_PMThe community center in the Village of San Felipe which stood beside the school for more than 60 years exists no more. That is because it has been destroyed. After receiving several calls from concerned residents we headed out to the village today where we found this heavy machinery at work. Supervising the demolishing of the building was the Village’s Chairlady Cecilia Wicab. When we spoke to some residents of the village we were told they had no idea why the building was being destroyed, after all it was in good conditions. We understand that a portion of the center was once used as a community library but when the Untied Democratic Party formed Government back in 2008, the library was shut down approximately eight months after.

In order to get some answers, we approached chairlady Wicab. She refused to grant us an interview on camera but told us that the building was being destroyed since there is a new project for the area. According to Wica, a basketball court and a playground will be constructed. When exactly the construction will begin, when it will be completed or who is financing the project, Wicab was unable to tell.

Residents living in the vicinity of what is now left of the community center are inquiring why a basketball court will be built so close to the school, after all, if residents decide to play a game of basketball, or carry out any other type of activity, the noise can affect the students when classes are in session. Reports also suggest that the chairlady never consulted with the members of the village council when it comes to the demolishing of the community center. As mentioned, the community center is said to have been in condition, so, is this a last minute political gimmick coming from the UDP Standard Bearer of the area? That’s what we will try to find out.

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