Screen_Shot_2015-10-21_at_8.33.39_PMNothing says confidence like a big, bright smile and sometimes there is more to gain from a confident smile than professional success.


In assisting citizens of Corozal to get a strong dose of healthy self-confidence the Corozal Organization Leading Culture Heritage and Arts (COLCHA) with funding from Fair-trade has partnered with several entities. One of them is mission Project Belize, a project which is led by Dr. Frank Whips and includes a team of doctors, dentists and other specialists to carry out one mission - to brighten smiles.

David Akierman Chairperson COLCHA

“Today we are here partnering with The Belize Cane Farmers Association Corozal Branch, Fair Trade Fund who is our corporate sponsor, the Paraiso Village Council and Mission Project Belize which is in its 25th Mission here in Belize.  So Mission Project Belize is a project that started 25 years ago led by Dr. Frank Wibbs, yesterday we had a specialist doing test for our people with hearing problems so we had a one clinic yesterday and with our other partners Helpage at the Centre and a group of citizens got their hearing aids yesterday.  Presently the services are being offered for dental and what you see here in Paraiso Village is happening in other districts, we have a team deployed also in the school in the villages led by Dr. Cima and kids are being treated with fluoride varnish and this is to protect cavity so we have a group of thirteen people working in the field right now and here at the community center in Paraiso Village the services for dental they are doing cleaning, little extraction, some fillings at all free of cost.”

This mission as mentioned before by Akierman would nothave been possible if it weren’t for the sponsors. One such sponsor is Chairman of the Corozal Branch Belize cane farmers association Jose Majil who remains grateful to the members within the association who are willing to sponsor this dental mission and the future ones to come.

Jose Majil Chairman BCFA Corozal Branch

“The branch of Corozal in a meeting has decided to keep on sponsoring this dental program, this is our third year sponsoring this program and we have 150 farmers that make up the Corozal Branch and so this is going for this year once more again.”


“How do you feel that you have the support of the farmers?”

Jose Majil Chairman BCFA Corozal Branch

“I feel good because I presented the program to them and they acknowledge it that they wanted to continue sponsoring the program and thus I will keep on talking to them for continuity but we wish for more sponsors so it be more bigger for the kids and this year we are concentrated in our town and some of the other villages, we are expecting to do 18 schools this year and today we have a good outcome and yesterday we and it at the Helpage and I think it is great for the community.”

There are many things that can vivify a smile, sugar or a bad diet is not one them. Group leader for the Dental Mission Dr. Gordon Gates mentioned that the most common dental problem the team has encountered is tooth decay. Gates says this is all because of bad dental practices.

Dental Doctor Gordon Gates.

“We talking this morning here and she is saying that we see a lot of decaying here and the kids are getting way too much sweets it would be much better if they would be eating fruits and vegetables and not candies and pops and sodas that a big problem down here, it is really important to try to save the baby teeth to hold the space for the permanent teeth so we need to do a lot of restorations to save the baby teeth even though we know it is going to be lost in the future but their permanent teeth will be better but if the kids can really reduce the sweets and then as they continue to grow if you can have them see a dentist for cleaning that is really important especially for children and the adult population cleaning and then regular brushing and flossing at least two or three times a day and that is why when I go with medical teams around the worldthe phisysians run out of patients and the dentist never do.”

A brighter smile is a curve that sets everything straight. The dental Medical mission will be extending their service which includes extractions, whitening and filling one more day to tomorrow Thursday at the Paraiso Village Park from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon.

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