And while the media got an opportunity to ask questions at the UDP manifesto launch, one question was surrounding the unfounded Guatemala claim to Belize. In their presentation, nothing was highlighted about the sovereignty and plan of action for the Sarstoon Island issue. Viewers may recall that the matter has gotten a significant amount of air time on all media stations, but according to Sedi Elrington, candidate for Pickstock, claims that the matter is only one created by the media and that to the Belizean populace it is a non-issue…. Elrington daringly had the courage to say that according to the OAS, the signing of the special agreement with Guatemala was deemed one of the greatest achievements under the UDP.

sediSEDI ELRINGTON – Pickstock

“It is my perception that the Belize/Guatemala issue that is being dealt with at this time is really one of those creations of the media it is not anything that the public has in fact an interest in it is a petty issue for a certain section of the media and when you hear the pronouncement of the leader of the People’s United Party they have said absolutely nothing about it, I don’t know if they have even mentioned it in their manifesto at this time so it is really nothing in my view an issue of the moment but we have dealt here in the manifesto very clearly and it says securing our territory and expanding diplomacy, firstly and fundamentally under the UDP government there has been significant strides in promoting Belize’s territorial sovereignty and the peaceful revolution of the longstanding territorial dispute with Guatemala, the UDP continues to utilize all diplomatic means to bring a resolution to this matter, I will simply end by saying that in the recent book produced by Ensosa former secretary general of the Organization of American States and he stated that the achievement of the UDP in relation to the signing of the Special Agreement of 2008 was the most significant achievement made ever in the dispute of Belize and Guatemala.”

In contrast, the PUP’s manifesto highlights the building of the Forward Operating base on the Sarstoon Island.

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