Screen_Shot_2015-10-26_at_7.54.58_PMThere are residents in the Little England Area in Orange Walk Town who are also expressing much concern about the neighborhood says Josue Carballo, PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East. The land parcels, Carballo says are also being issued in this part of the town and there is grave concern since the town council has, itself, been unable to verify who is the rightful owner of many parcels in that part of town.

Josue Carballo - Orange Walk East Area Representative

“We have come across some indicators that definitely there is such a haphazard in which lands particularly in the Little England Area of Orange Walk has been mismanaged it is when I am campaigning people are telling that the area needs urgent attention but we ourselves  in the town council can’t even get access to the information of who actually owns these lands we definitely believe that people whosoever owns these should be responsible enough to take care of it and now more and more we are finding out that these lands are being given out to cronies and with no actual plan for the area.”

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