This Wednesday more than 90 Belizeans will appear on 31 ballots.  This is one of the largest fields of candidates in modern day politics in Belize.

Here in Orange Walk 12 candidates entered their names into nomination.  Of all the candidates countrywide, Josue Carballo the PUP candidate is the youngest.  Although young in age, Josue has been involved in 3 successful campaigns in Orange Walk where he is currently serving his third term as a member of the PUP, Orange Walk Town Council.

On Wednesday Josue will face off against Elodio Aragon for the UDP and former UDP supporter, Dr. Javier Reyes who is running for the BPP.  This is one of the hottest contested elections here in the north and indeed in all of Belize and already signs of tensions are appearing.   Last night UDP supporters of Elodio Aragon tore down and destroyed signs, flags and posters of Josue Carballo from Liberty Avenue.

This was done during a UDP rally for the entire north that was held in the area last night.

When we asked the Carballo camp for a comment on the destruction of the campaign they expressed concern over the mess that was left behind after the rally and stated that the signs will be replaced and that their candidate and campaign continues on, unfazed by these or any other acts of intimidation.

Carballo described last night’s incident and his reaction to it on our morning show, Despierta Belice today:

Screen_Shot_2015-11-02_at_8.16.16_PMJosue Carballo – Orange Walk East Area Representative PUP

“They had their event out there and we are talking about pure destruction; they took down my banner, the one at the entrance going to Louisiana school, they torn down our flags I mean it was just a bunch of hooligans being out there and really not respecting that we are on a democracy but despite all the flashiness the Prime Minister have been a person of pure glitter and no substance and that is exactly what happened yesterday in Liberty Avenue we saw a lot of destruction happening, a lot of noise more than anything else but the people of the East are focused, we are putting our eyes in Belmopan we shall ensure that Belmopan starts to work for Orange Walk East and that they get its fair share and I am confident and I know we shall be victorious.”

A few days ago we reported on a traffic accident that occurred in neighboring Chetumal Quintana Roo involving a Belizean Driver. As we reported, a taxi got caught and was crushed under a blue Freightliner trailer carrying over twenty tons of cement, trapping two persons in the taxi. The trailer was reported to have been moving out of the premises of a construction supply factory on the old Santa Elena Highway.

The Belizean Driver has been identified as Felipe Williams and according to reliable information was charged for manslaughter by negligence and will be transferred to Mexico City for trial.

If convicted he could be sentenced to spend 30 years in the Mexican federal prison for the offence.

The press in Chetumal reported last week that both occupants in the taxi suffered severe head fractures and injuries to the face and abdomen.

There are unconfirmed reports that some of Williams’s relatives and friends staged a brief demonstration on his behalf at the border this morning to voice their objections and opposition to him being transferred to Mexico City.

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