Pothole ridden streets in Orange Walk Town are without a huge problem, one which the Orange Walk Town Council is dealing with bearing in mind its spending limits. But while the council’s coffers is not overflowing with money, there are plans to address the urgent need of street repairs.

Screen_Shot_2015-11-17_at_8.14.42_PMIAN CAL – Councillor

“After this rain fall you can see the streets that need more attention and to point out a few there is a main one right in front of us Bethais Lane by Popular Bakery, that street is totally gone and it has to be redone and we are currently sitting down with the Mayor as well as he is hurriedly lobbying with our contractor to see how we can best address these streets in a timely manner and at an affordable manner as well, we have to look at how best agreements we can make, payments plans is a good option as well because we don’t have that money to invest directly into streets it costs a lot of money but when it comes to other streets like Orchid Drive.”   

And while we all want overnight results and or a permanent remedy for our streets, Cal says in due process, over one million dollars will be invested for infrastructure…

IAN CAL – Councillor

“The only immediate relief that we can get is patching of street, one of the things that we try to run away from is the using of white marl on the holes and putting stones that is way back beyond time but we have to look at reality that the amount of money that we are to spent in a specific street if we are going to patch a street with tar it will deteriorate anyways in the shorter period so what we are saying is that let us look at a wider aspect to see how we can best get the streets done currently we are looking with the contractor and I can satisfactorily say that as a council we will sit down together with the Mayor and discuss it with the Mayor as the councilor in charged for investment and we are looking at a total investment I would say at about 1.8 million dollars to come here next year on just streets alone and that is a lot of money and that is the people’s money but we have to look at another factor is that one of the things that has been affecting our town is that we have not had any assistance whatsoever from any government from since we have been elected and we have been elected twice and we have been doing what we can with what we have with what the people have allocated us to use but we are saying there should be some type of investment into the town on a national level to the people of Orange Walk.”

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