Today, Luisa Bardalez affectionately known as “Gran” celebrated her 102nd birthday anniversary among sodality brothers and sisters, Helpage volunteers and honorary family members at her home on Dunn Street. The centenarian is the eldest member of the Zenobia Meggs Helpage family. It’s a milestone for any centenarian to say the least and today her living room was filled with love and care from many well-wishers. This birthday celebration provided us with an opportunity to recognize this unique and outstanding lady.

Screen_Shot_2015-11-17_at_8.14.24_PMMS. LUISA BARDALEZ – Centenarian, 102 years old

“I feel good and happy because what we want is to be good to people and not fighting with each other they can’t say I am a quarrelsome woman  in Orange Walk nowhere I go in Orange Walk and everybody knows me and I don’t fight with anybody home and home I am not around.  I got friends but plenty never come but last year more come but I sorry I can’t talk English fine.”


“You look healthier as ever?”

MS. LUISA BARDALEZ – Centenarian, 102 years old

“Yes and thank you, I behave good and no fight up with people, I don’t fight with nobody and I don’t look for fight either and I keep myself like how a woman should be and for this birthday I only wish for my health meanwhile God has me her when he ready for me I ready to go too because sometimes I feel so sick better I wished that I go with God.  I want tell my granddaughter them and my grandson them that I wish all of them would be here with me today because they are a crowed.   

Bardalez was treated with not one but three cakes which came courtesy of the Santa Ana Church Group, Helpage and from family and friends. We take this opportunity to wish Ms. Bardalez many more years of life!

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