imagesTonight, there is a disturbing report of an alleged rape and further allegations of police inaction.  Due to the nature of the allegation, names cannot be called so as to protect the identity of the victim. According to relatives and friends, in late October a group of campaigners who were doing ground work behind Santa Familia Street in Orange Walk Town, found a female visibly unconscious near the steps of a residence in the area. From what we have been able to gather, the female was seen with a large gash to the back of the head and red ants all over her legs and thighs.


The police were called in but allegedly did not respond in time and so the neighbors took action and transported the female to the Northern Regional Hospital for a medical check-up. A formal report was made at the Orange Walk Police station where a video from the victim’s phone had a recording of the night in question and revealing who she was with at that time.

But there is also another side to the story as our checks with police revealed that indeed a report was made and authorities have obtained the video footage. According to the cops, after checking with the doctor who performed the medical check-up on the female, the revelation was made that the female had undergone treatment for a head wound and that doctors believe she may have fell from the staircase near to where she was found and not raped as the family is alleging.


Based on that suggestion, police say they brought in the male person seen in the video for questioning but he was cleared of involvement in the incident. Police say the case is still open and are awaiting a version of the events from the actual victim. Today, when our news team visited with the victim and her family, we were made to understand that she has not shown much recovery as she remains speechless. The family is now left with many unanswered questions from the investigation and a mounting medical bill.

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