Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_7.56.16_PMYesterday cane farmers belonging to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association held their annual general meeting at Escuela Secundaria Mexico. 

While a number of items were on the agenda, on the top list of priorities was the presentation of the Flo-cert Corrective 

Measures and Objective Evidence and the presentation and ratification of the 2015/2016 Fair Trade Budget for premium plan.   

Oscar Alonso- CEO, BSCFA


“One of them has to do with the corrective measures that FLOCERT have accepted in relation to the none-compliances found in the audit that they did in June, and we presented that to them and they have approved the objective evidence which we be going to send also an important aspect was to have them approve a policy on the sue of the Fair Trade premium, we recall that last year and early this year they had made a decision to distribute 1.5 million dollars of the premiums that we received last year and the way it was done it was not in accordance with the criteria of Fair Trade so we had it done more or less done properly today and they have passed the development plan and the report earlier this morning so that could be sent to FLOCERT as objective evidence that we have corrected the none-compliance right, also it has to do with certain labor conditions that they found in the fields and we are dealing with that so the objective evidence will be providing kits to all the reaping groups leaders at the commencement of the crop.”


During the meeting a proposed revision of the association’s by-laws was also presented.



Oscar Alonso- CEO, BSCFA


“From 1959 to 20th of January this year we were one Association right, and the 20th January we had the amendment of the Sugar Industry Act., which divided all our membership into three Associations, that has implications with our by-laws and how we go on by ourselves and there is a need to begin to  revise those by-laws, we started that in our meetings that we had in each branch in preparation for this Annual General meeting and the feedback that we get is that it is a very complex issue and it requires more time for some of the more sensitive revisions that needs to be carried out in relation to the committee of management, the divisional committees and so forth but there are certain issues that we found that are necessary that had to revise today for example, the issue of membership, where we revise the by-law to see any member who resigns from the BCFA must settle any credit he has in relation to the Association.”



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