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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Senator Lisa Shoman, word is she is aspiring to run as a candidate for the Leader of the Opposition seat which is up for grabs. To date there are five names in the bag for the position: John Briceno, Cordel Hyde, Kareem Musa, Julius Espat and Lisa Shoman who would become the first woman to enter the race for party leadership.

So, will Shoman run or not? And most importantly, does she have what it takes to steer the ship of the oldest political party in Belize? Here is what the Senator told our colleagues at Channel Seven News yesterday about her possible candidacy.

lisa1Senator Lisa Shoman

"It's a job that no woman in Belize to my knowledge has ever aspire for either of the 2 mass political parties. But I think it is an idea whose time has come, not just because I am a woman, but because I have invested my time, my energy, my dedication into this party and I care very deeply about the People's United Party. Not just as an opposition, but as a potential future administration of the country and so I think the time has come to think a little bit outside the box, think radically and think of the party leader as somebody who is concern for the next two years. Because that's what it will be until there is another national convention to focus on the direction that the party is taking, look at it, hopefully infused some energy and some revitalization into it because we constantly have to keep working and I don't think that that demands that I be in the house of representatives at this point. If I choose to continue to aspire to the job of the People's United Party leader, then yes. I would think that past the next convention I would have to make that decision and take that step. But at this point in time, my hope, my concern, my aspiration is to the best possible leader for the People's United Party and to work very closely with the leader of the opposition in reorganizing the party, refreshing and revitalizing it and of course I would want to remain in the senate as Leader of Opposition Business. Because I think I have the experience and the capacity to continue to be a strong voice."

While she does not have much history in electoral politics, Shoman believes she can gather the necessary support within the party.

 Candidates have until December 15th to submit their names and the PUP is expected to hold a National Convention in early 2016 to elect a new leader.

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